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Production Executive

Caroline initially began her career earning a BFA at Laurentian University’s Motion Picture Arts program. In Sudbury, she worked for Commercial Photography Studio: Studio Nine-Eight. While studying, she also worked on set in Sudbury Ontario’s booming film industry. Some of her work includes FIXATION (4AM Films), BOATHOUSE (Level Film), and other commercial projects.


Caroline later transferred to Toronto Metropolitan University’s Film Studies program. While studying, she continued to expand her knowledge in film production by working in various roles in Toronto’s film industry. Some of this work includes Something Undone (CBC) Seasons 1 & 2, Rolls Royce – Inspiring Greatness Series, Budgie, Café Daughter, Sounds Black, ACE Hotel Toronto Opening Campaign, and other commercial projects.


After developing her knowledge in production, Caroline is excited for the next phase of her career as Circle Blue's Production Executive. She's excited to assist in producing meaningful and diverse content.


In Caroline’s free time she provides Toronto based businesses consultation on media production and marketing through her company Mirage Media. If Caroline is not behind a camera – she’s a boxer, you can most likely find her on a heavy bag at the gym working on her left hook!

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