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Circle Blue Entertainment is an award-winning film and television company producing quality content without borders.

Circle Blue was founded (in 2011/14) by Amos Adetuyi (CEO & Executive Producer), to advance the Canadian creative landscape towards real inclusivity, by producing uniquely Canadian stories with a global reach. Known for diverse content, from gripping dramas to lighthearted entertainment, Circle Blue prides itself on building solid creative teams and showcasing emerging talent and fresh voices. Circle Blue productions attract critical acclaim, national and international awards and global audiences. 


Circle Blue’s productions have sold worldwide to: Amazon, BET, Bounce, CBC, CRAVE, eONE, FOX, HULU, Netflix, Paramount, TSN, WBN.

Circle Blue’s catalogue includes the ground-breaking 4-season hit series DIGGSTOWN, (“delves into The Big Stuff—and isn’t afraid to get dirty”); audience acclaimed feature JEAN OF THE JONESES (“darkly funny, a later-than-usual coming-of-age tale”); ACROSS THE LINE (“compelling drama inspired by true events”) and ANGELIQUE'S ISLE (“a harrowing tale of perseverance and survival”); as well as upcoming slate of features ORAH (co-produced with Nigeria), CAFÉ DAUGHTER (a story of survival and what a mother does to protect her children) and SOUNDS BLACK (doc.. insert description).

Part of Circle Blue’s success model is working with affiliates, such as Freddie Films, Big Nickel Studio and Inner City Films, to amplify creative and business opportunities at home and abroad. Shooting locations include Sudbury, Halifax, PEI, Saskatoon, USA, South Africa and Nigeria. Making use of inter-provincial and international co-productions structures widens access to home and global markets, and allows a blend of creative voices and perspectives.


In addition to production, Amos’ long history of advocacy (CDPA, Canada One) for diversity in media continues with Circle Blue, supporting a community of creators through their CONTENT WITHOUT BORDERS initiative by providing sponsorship, promotion and mentorship.

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