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Brothers Amos and Alfons Adetuyi receive the Reelworld Film Festival Visionary Award

Updated: May 26, 2023

In 2021, Reelworld Screen Institute Recognizes Alfons Adetuyi and Amos Adetuyi for the Visionary Award.

"At the end of the day, it not about the thing we’ve created, it’s about the journey we took to get there." -Amos Adetuyi

An award wining producer with over 25 years of experience, Amos Adetuyi’s notable television credits include the ground breaking drama DIGGSTOWN (CBC/BET) currently in production on it’s third season, JOZI H (CBC/SABC), nominated for a Gemini for Best Series, the serial EKHAYA: A FAMILY CHRONICLE (CBC/SABC) and NORTH/SOUTH (CBC)

Motivation In Sudbury years ago, my older brother Alfons decided to switch high schools and attend a school where he could get into photography as well as make short films and shoot video projects. It all looked like a lot of fun, so when he suggested to me and two of my other brothers (Tom and Rob) that we should switch schools, we did, and all of us are in film and television production till today

I try to remember that rolling with the punches is an essential part of this business. Enjoying the time I spend with the people I work with every day, and from project to project.


Being too shy to “schmooze” was certainly a challenge which I overcame by going out to events, whether I wanted to or not, and making a point to introduce myself to lots of folks, and eventually, I came to enjoy meeting new people.

Industry Insights

In general, observe, ask questions and declare my position up front. Specifically, as a producer, I think it’s good practice to know all facets of the industry, from financing, budgets and deals, to scripts, being on the floor and the post process, to marketing and promotion.

Reelworld Memories

I was on a RW panel about 15 years ago I recall having this young guy with a huge afro approach me afterwards to say he thought we should do an inter-provincial Co-Pro together, which I thought was odd since I didn’t know him…it was Floyd Kane, a producing partner I’ve enjoyed working with over the years on many projects (including the Co-Pro North/South!)

Pierre Laurent Recognizes 2021 Visionary Award Winner Alfons Adetuyi at REELWORLD

2021 Visionary Award Winner Alfons Adetuyi presented his Pierre Laurent Cinema watch and plaque.

Award-winning Director and Producer Alfons Adetuyi creates successful cross-cultural films and television series. Alfons has produced and/or directed over 100 hours of primetime features, documentaries, dramas and lifestyle series selling to over 60 countries. His company Inner City Films


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