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Known Associates Group, Inner City Films, Circle Blue Entertainment Team Up to Launch South African-Canadian Outfit KIC Group

South Africa’s Known Associates Group (KAG) is teaming up with Canada’s Inner City Films (ICF) and Circle Blue Entertainment (CBE) to launch a new venture that will produce African feature films and TV series for audiences around the world, the companies announced Saturday at the Cannes Film Festival.

With offices in Johannesburg, Toronto and Los Angeles, the KIC Group will build on the track records of the three pioneering companies while also developing innovative financing models and capitalizing on an existing co-production treaty between their respective countries.

The group is developing a slate of 12 titles with an anticipated production volume of $60 million. First up is “Dreams of the Moon,” a ’70s-set drama with an estimated $8 million budget that’s set against the backdrop of the secret NASA Apollo 16 training mission. It stars Nia Long and Eden Duncan-Smith, who starred in the Netflix and Spike Lee-produced Tribeca premiere “See You Yesterday.”

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